About us

Alterneo Capital is a technology-driven firm focused on providing institutional and qualified investors access to innovative liquid alternatives solutions available in a variety of management styles and risk profiles.

Capitalizing on the strength of our advanced risk and modelling infrastructure, we help investors enhance their portfolio by providing the right tools to generate market-neutral and uncorrelated returns, develop innovative solutions to mitigate unwanted risks, or re-engineer return distributions.

The firm consists of experts in the fields of quantitative investing, technology, as well as institutional business development.

Our Philosophy

At Alterneo Capital, we advocate that efficiently managing downside risks through comprehensive and adequate protection is essential for a sustainable long-term portfolio growth .

We believe it is essential to address and understand the true challenges asset allocators are facing in order to tailor portfolios to investors’ specific needs across the full spectrum of segregated accounts, overlays or investment funds.

Ultimately, we endeavor to offer solutions which provide true diversification and attractive risk-return profiles in order to achieve long-term wealth creation with the highest degree of stability and transparency.